In 1989, a group of citizens headed by Clayton Anderson realized what a significant role the forest plays in the ambiance of Carmel and wanted to advocate for it. Concerned about the deteriorating state of Carmel's urban forest due to a triple threat - old age, disease, and construction impacts - the group took immediate steps to bring the plight of the trees to the attention of the mayor, the city council, and the residents of the village through the formation of Friends of Carmel Forest. The first president was Barbara Timmins Livingston, a Carmel native. Articles of incorporation were drawn up, a board was established, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The greatest history was made with the Burl Ives Concert at Sunset Cultural Center Theater. This concert was the last of Burl Ives' illustrious career and it drew a capacity crowd. We are forever grateful to the great Burl Ives for accepting the invitation of his good friend, Clayton Anderson, to perform for the benefit of the Friends of Carmel Forest.

Maria Sutherland, President
Steve Brooks, Treasurer
Ramie Allard, Secretary
Karen Ferlito
Peter Quintanilla
Fred Taylor

Barbara Livingston
Greg D'Ambrosio
Jenifer Atkinson
Hans Hess